Welcome to OpenULTRA - a New Level of Collaboration

In response to the National Science Foundation's request for proposals for exploratory Urban Long Term Research Areas (ULTRAs), a team of researchers at NC State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are crafted a proposal to create an ULTRA for the Triangle Region of NC.

In the long term, ULTRAs are expected to compare findings and new approaches to managing our metropolitan regions.

Our thought ... why wait?

Why not create a forum for sharing ideas and resources? concerns and problems? We can help one another.

We have created this OpenUTLRA site and posted our proposal on the TriangleULTRA page. We'll keep it up to date as we progress.

We invite you to join this wiki and create a page for your ULTRA.

The wiki is open for reading, but you must join to write - just ask!

NSF list of ULTRA-Exploratory projects with links to abstracts.

This wiki is managed by George Hess at NC State University. Please contact him with questions, concerns, or to request membership.